Our Vision

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The Process

What We Do

Site Selection & Planning

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Design & Engineering

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Permitting & Approvals

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Equipment Procurement

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Construction & Installation

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Commissioning & Testing

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Our Advantages

How we differentiate from the competition

Proven track record of successful and efficient installations.

Expertise in maximizing energy output through advanced technology.

Comprehensive maintenance services ensuring long-term efficiency.

Tailored investment plans catering to various financial objectives.

Strong network of partnerships and collaborations within the industry.

Commitment to sustainability, contributing to a greener future.

Leading the way

Green Meets Gold

9-13% ROI

Asset-Back Bond Options

Fully Regulated & Backed

With robust returns ranging from 9-13%, we provide a reliable opportunity for investors seeking sustainable and profitable ventures in the renewable energy sector. Free brochure below.


90 Newport St., Natick, SA 01760

83 Taylor Street, SA 28086

22 Birch Hill St., Villa Rica, SA 30180

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Discover the future of sustainable investments with our free brochure, showcasing how you can secure lucrative returns while contributing to a greener South Africa through solar energy.

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Greater Globe

Greater Globe is a pioneering solar panel farm company in South Africa, dedicated to harnessing the abundant sunlight to generate clean and sustainable energy. With a focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, we are leading the charge towards a brighter, greener tomorrow for South Africa.


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